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About Us & Our Mission

Our Quality Policy

Our Quality Policy starts and ends with the client as a focal point understanding the client's requirements, developing optimal solutions to meet those requirements, building processes in place to ensure that quality is present at every stage, and achieving our commitments on delivery and service, before and after selling our service.

Why Should you hire our team for your next project?

We are a full-service web & app development company. We help kick-start your project, take the final product to market and provide continual updates and support.

We know the value of teamwork. We use our large network to develop apps that are aligned with your vision and the current market’s needs.

We’ve done this before. Our experienced team knows what it takes to make your minimum viable product a success.

We’re into long-term relationships. Dynosoft is more than a technology vendor; we are your technology partner. We develop apps for long-term success.

We go with the flow. We understand the challenges of launching a new mobile app. Our process is flexible to meet your needs.

We’re on trend. The technology market is always changing. Work with people who are always ready to evolve.

Information Technology Services

Mobile Application Development

Being the leader of Information Technology services in the South Asian businesses in the Greater Toronto Area, Dynosoft's mobile application development team hold profound level of expertise in formulating trends and technology in mobility.

Our company's extensive experience in iPhone and Android application development helps it deliver unparalleled services to various clients spread across the globe especially to Canada, India, and Sri Lanka. Our Development teams working accross India, Sri Lanka,and Canada developing and delivering robust and extraordinary iOS and Android apps that give our customers solid edge and cost effective solutions. We offer end-to-end innovative endeavour, encompassing iPhone/Android application idea rooting, modelling, initial prototyping and evaluation. Our extensive native domain knowledge enables us to develop cutting edge solutions with pixel perfect user experience.

Advantages for your web development needs

Strict QA Standard with UAT Testing

At Dynosoft we understand your technical requirements are evolving but your basic needs will always remain the same: consistent, high quality; dependable lead times; low cost; and responsive service. These are the cornerstones of our business philosophy and we are committed to the continuous improvement of our services to our customers.

Most Web Design companies have special introductory offers that can be attractive to many clients initially, but there are always many restrictions for these offers. If you need your proto built to a spec that falls outside of their 'special offer' you're faced with a tough decision; either run your proto with their restricted specs or pay their premium to get your site built to your specifications.
We choose to offer you a great price across all web develoment packages rather than trying to lure you in with restricted 'introductory' pricing. We follow up with our customers and provide exceptional after sales support. If you have any questions, please email us or call us (647) 849 - 5170.

Technologies We use

Dynosoft's development team has an intimate understanding of the mobile, tablet, and desktop application development toolkit allows us to build exceptional quality apps for android and ios phones and tablets using a wide variety of available framework. Our custom projects are scalable and can be adapted to fit any business model and size.

We develop the applications that you need to conduct business online or simply to eliminate you day to day tedious manual tasks. Our team can propose solutions that meet the requirements of any business, audience, and budget. We leverage in-depth industry expertise with leading technology practices. We design cost effective robust software solutions with excellent usability characteristics for each client. We provide on-site training on how to use and how to effectively maintain our custom software products.